About Us




"IKSADOS APC" is a partner of one of the largest companies in Lithuania that trade in various kinds of safety and rescue devices, equipment and machinery.

 "IKSADOS APC" - a company providing fire safety solutions and services, whose operation is based on the accumulated knowledge, long-term experience, close cooperation with its customers, professional skills of its employees and partnership with the leading companies.

IKSADOS APC sales extinguishers of a different size and type, performs maintenance of extinguishers, and enters into long-term agreements with enterprices in regard to maintenance of extinguishers.

Primary activity:

  • Sale of fire extinguishers, service.
  • Trade in the saving equipment and technics of fire safety.
  • Preparation and drawing of schemes/plans: for evacuation, emergency, incident elimination, civil defence for extreme situations.
  • Check of fire equipments (cranes, hydrants), test of fire hoses.
  • Sales evacuation lamps, maintenance service.
  • Ground contour resistance measurement.
  • Wiring cables isolation resistance measurement.
  • Electrical installation works.
  • Plumbing works.
  • Maintenance of fire safety on objects.


Our vision:

By using our knowledge and experience, we create business tendencies in Lithuania, which guarantee long-term value for us, our customers and the public.  


Our values:
In cooperation and work we pursue the following key principals: